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Registration and Legal Status for Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Protection Brief

Registration and Legal Status for Syrian Refugees in Jordan

December 2015

The situation for Syrian refugees who have managed to remain in Jordan is becoming increasingly difficult. Syrian refugees throughout Jordan continue to face multiple protection challenges, and this protection brief focuses on issues related to registration and legal status. Download the Protection Brief 2015

The overall impact of the Syria crisis on Jordan has been considerable. Jordan hosts close to 630,000 registered Syrian refugees, the equivalent of 10 per cent of its population. The weight associated with hosting high numbers of Syrian refugees is increasingly straining national infrastructure and overwhelming host communities. The Government of Jordan (GoJ) also notes that there are an additional 750,000 Syrian nationals who were residing in Jordan before the start of the Syria crisis in 2011. This pressure is one factor that has led to increased restrictions on the ability of new Syrian asylum seekers to access Jordan.

Without updated registration Syrian refugees are not able to legally stay in their current places of residence, access public services and humanitarian assistance or register births, deaths and marriages. Limited legal status as well as being caught working without a work permit puts Syrians – including children – at risk of involuntary relocation to the camps or refoulement. Facing an increasingly difficult environment in Jordan, Syrian refugees in the Kingdom are increasingly resorting to risky travel to reach Europe or unsafe return to Syria where conflict rages on.