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The Work Permit Maze


The Work Permit Maze

December 13th 2016

With the signing of the Jordan Compact, The Government of Jordan opened migrant work permits to Syrian refugees, who can now apply for a one-year permit with their Ministry of Interior identification cards, removing the prohibitive requirement of a passport and residency visa. The Government of Jordan has worked closely with international and local partners to address policy questions, assist in implementation, and agree to the terms of the EU trade facility, announced in July 2016.

This visual tools describe the steps Syrian refugees need to take in order to obtain their work permit, Download the Work Permit Maze Infographic


Update 2017: 

Significantly, GoJ also waived the registration costs of work permits for Syrian refugees through the end of 2017, allowed for work permit registration through cooperatives in the agricultural and construction sectors, and begun to open livelihoods opportunities in camps. Since the implementation of the Jordan Compact, 58,290 work permits have been issued to Syrian refugees, including 1,228 for refugees living in camps following the February 2017 policy change to issue work permits in Za’atari and Azraq camps.30 Syrians now hold 9 percent of migrant work permits in Jordan, compared to 2 percent in February 2016. Only 4 percent of work permits have been issued to women, who face particularly high barriers to access the labor market.