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Forgotten Issues


Refugees in Jordan: Forgotten Issues 

July 2017

Download the JIF Infographic detailing key data on Refugees in Jordan’s forgotten issues

Key data and Source

  • 4,872 Unaccompanied & Separated Children
    • Childhood Interrupted: Lost Years for the Children of the Syrian Refugee Crisis, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, 2016
  • 93% of Syrian refugees outside camps live below the poverty line
    • UNHCR Operational Update, Jan 2017
  • Rent accounts for over half of Syrian refugees’ monthly expenditures
    • Six Years Into Exile: The challenges and coping strategies of non-camp Syrian refugees in Jordan and their host communities, CARE International, 2016
  • Over 129,000 Syrian refugees have not yet completed, or, are unable to update their government registration
    • UNHCR estimate (NRC)
  • 56% of Syrian refugees live in shelters that do not provide housing minimum standards in ventilation, humidity and hygiene
    • UNHCR home visits conducted between mid 2016 / mid 2017 (NRC)
  • 16,000 individuals live in informal tented settlements
    • INTERSOS and ACTED presentation in 2016 on ITS
  • 1in3 gender based violence survivors are cases of child marriage
    • Gender-Based Violence Information Management System (GBVIMS), 2015
  • 37% of Syrian refugees outside camps are unable to access health services
    • Health Access And Utilization Survey Access To Health Services In Jordan Among Syrian Refugees, UNHCR, 2016