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Infographic- Walk the Talk – September 2017


Walk the Talk : A visual product for the Jordan Compact

September 2017

To follow up INGO’s position and recommendation for the Jordan Compact, download the Infographic Walk the Talk in English and Walk the Talk in Arabic

On 4 February 2016, the international community agreed on a ‘comprehensive new approach’ to address the protracted Syria crisis at the Supporting Syria and the Region Conference in London. Donors, international organizations, and regional host countries – which host the vast majority of refugees from Syria– committed to financial pledges and policy changes to improve the lives of refugees and host communities. The international community pledged to support Jordan’s growth agenda while maintaining its resilience and economic stability. In return, the government of Jordan (GoJ) agreed to take steps to improve refugees’ access to education and livelihood opportunities. The resulting Jordan Compact (JC) is anchored in three interlinked commitments

  • Turning the Syrian refugee crisis into a development opportunity that attracts new investments and opens up the EU market with simplified rules of origin, creating jobs for Jordanians and Syrian refugees whilst supporting the post-conflict Syrian economy
  • Rebuilding Jordanian host communities by adequately financing through grants the Jordan Response Plan 2016-2018, in particular the resilience of host communities;
  • Mobilizing sufficient grants and concessionary financing to support the
    macroeconomic framework and address Jordan’s financing needs over the next three years, as part of Jordan entering into a new Extended Fund Facility program with the IMF.