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Press Release: Syria-Jordan border: Urgent humanitarian assistance and respect of humanitarian principles needed

Press Release

INGOs call for urgent humanitarian assistance and respect of humanitarian principles at Syrian-Jordanian border

September 28 2017

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Amman, Jordan – International NGOs in Jordan call for the immediate and unhindered resumption of humanitarian assistance to approximately 50,000 vulnerable Syrians – the majority of whom are women and children – trapped along the northeastern Jordanian-Syrian border in Rukban and for the respect of the principle of non-refoulement, including access to international protection.

Operating constraints have restrained humanitarian access to the border area, undermined the application of humanitarian principles and jeopardized lives. The distribution of humanitarian aid has been sporadic and wholly inadequate and has left thousands at risk, with growing concerns about the health and nutrition status of these civilians. There have only been three rounds of distribution of aid since the closure of the Jordanian border in June 2016, with the last one being a partial distribution in June 2017. The population continues to live in dire conditions and urgently requires food, access to clean water and sanitation, medical assistance and shelter from the approaching winter months.

After one year of frustrating negotiations to ensure impartial, accountable and meaningful access to humanitarian assistance for and protection of the population stranded at the border, it is time to act. While understanding the Government of Jordan’s valid security concerns, all members of the international community must find a resolution in accordance with their obligations and that of the Government of Jordan under international humanitarian law, including access to international protection. This includes supporting the Government of Jordan in finding alternative solutions,such as resettling or allowing these Syrian civilians to seek asylum in Jordan.

Each day that passes, innocent civilians are losing their lives in light of rapidly deteriorating humanitarian conditions. A solution to the desperate needs and protection of the people at the border must be agreed upon as a matter of priority. If not, tens of thousands of Syrians will be left in a limbo at the northeastern Jordanian-Syrian border with no access to aid or international protection.

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