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Jordan Compact Study 2017


FORWARD TOGETHER: INGOs contribution to the Jordan Compact 

September 2017

The objective of this report was to understand and critically evaluate JIF member organizations’ contributions to implementing the Jordan Compact (JC) commitments, as well as to highlight new opportunities for INGO involvement and areas where enhanced coordination is needed. This study sought to identify how actors within JIF have incorporated the Jordan Compact commitments into their own education and livelihoods programming, and developed case studies to highlight best practices, lessons learned, and current shortcomings and constraints. The report concludes by offering a critical analysis of the comparative advantages and added value of INGOs in Jordan, as well as considerations for a variety of stakeholders.

Among the key achievements, the research highlights that:

  • JIF members have programmed over $65 million USD in education projects and $39 million USD in livelihoods projects.
  • JIF members’ projects have reached 429,256 beneficiaries in education and 408,842 beneficiaries in livelihoods since 2016, including at least 128,777 members of the host community in education and 122,652 in livelihoods.
  • JIF members directly facilitated 500 refugee work permits.
  • JIF members have provided access to documentation to Syrian refugee households that in turn improved both access to education for children, and entry to formal work for adults

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This study was funded by the membership fees of JIF member organizations.