The Jordan INGO Forum (JIF) exists primarily to serve the needs of its members and to act in their interest for the betterment of serving beneficiaries. JIF’s objectives may change in line with developing circumstances in the Jordan operating environment but ongoing objectives include the following:

  • Information Sharing / Communication: To ensure that there is effective and transparent sharing of information relevant to both JIF members and external stakeholders.
  • Coordination: To coordinate INGO exchange, learning and resource-sharing through meetings, Working Groups and through relationships with external stakeholders.
  • Policy / Advocacy: To represent the interests of JIF members in external meetings, policy discussions, advocacy meetings and documents, as well as to lobby on issues of common interest as indicated by its members and specifically related to protection of the humanitarian and operational space.
  • Representation: To consistently represent the interest of JIF members with donors, UN agencies, the Government of Jordan and other external stakeholders.


JIF includes a Country Directors Group (CDG) a Steering Committee (SC) led by a Chairperson, and a Coordinator, as well as various Working Groups.

JIF is a group of independent INGOs and as such does not have its own organizational registration or independent legal status. Instead, JIF is hosted by the Norwegian Refugee Council.


Membership in JIF will be limited to international nongovernmental organizations (INGOs) that conform to all of the following:

  • Member is a not-for-profit, non-partisan, non-political and non-proselytizing organization.
  • Member is registered as an NGO in a foreign country.
  • Member currently provides humanitarian or development assistance to Jordanians, refugees or other vulnerable populations in Jordan.
  • Member has a full-time presence in Jordan.
  • Member is officially registered with the Government of Jordan.
  • Member’s primary operational focus is Jordan.


JIF facilitates INGO representation at the Jordan Response Plan (JRP) Inter-Agency Task Force Steering Committee, the JRP Platform, the Humanitarian Country Team, and other multi-stakeholder leadership and coordination bodies, as well as with the Government of Jordan, donors and diplomatic community, national civil society, and other external stakeholders as authorized and on issues agreed by the membership.