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Infographic- Walk the Talk – April 2018

Infographic Walk the Talk : A visual product for the Jordan Compact To follow up INGO’s position and recommendations for the Jordan Compact, download the Infographic in English and in Arabic The Brussels Conference 2018, dedicated to supporting Syria and the region is around the corner. As the international community and the Government of Jordan are expected to renew their commitments to supporting Syrian refugees in Jordan, the Jordan INGO forum has reviewed the progresses and gaps of the Jordan Compact, two years after its signature. We focus here on the Compact’s main sectors, Education and Livelihood in Jordan and offer key recommendations to take the commitments forward.    

Promise to Practice, Joint NGO Regional Report for Brussels Conference 2018

Joint regional report Brussels conference 2018: PROMISE TO PRACTICE, Following through on commitments to support the future, of Syria and the region March 2018 . Download the report The conflict in Syria has created the largest displacement crisis in well over a generation, possibly since the second world war. Six million people remain displaced internally, more than five million are registered as refugees in neighbouring countries and over a million more have fled to Europe or elsewhere. Despite a moderate increase in return of mostly internally displaced people in 2017, the last year saw three newly displaced Syrians for every person who returned home. The recent escalations of violence in Idlib and Eastern Ghouta dramatically underline the point that Syria’s conflict, and the ordeal for its civilians, is...

Press Release: INGOs working in Jordan alarmed over aid funding cuts to Palestinian refugees

Press Release INGOs working in Jordan alarmed over aid funding cuts to Palestinian refugees March 14 2018 Download the press release in English Download the press Release in Arabic Amman, Jordan – 14 March 2018- As political leaders gather in Rome for an Extraordinary Ministerial Conference in support of UNRWA, 13 International NGOs members of the Jordan INGO Forum (JIF) are alarmed by the recent decision of the US administration to reduce its scheduled humanitarian aid to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). This abrupt decision will have considerable consequences on the living conditions and dignity of the five million and more registered Palestinians in the occupied Palestine territory, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. “We are particularly concerned…

JIF Newsletter 7

News @ Jordan INGO Forum January – February 2018 Download the Newsletter in English Download the Newsletter in Arabic In a nutshell Editorial Humanitarian Overview Partners’s activities Host community Camps Innovation Changing the narrative: stories of Solidarity (special article with Oxfam) Voices from Jordan Advocacy Brussels Conference Civil Society Publications

Focus on: Women’s rights in Jordan’s legislation by IM Swedish Development Partner

Focus on IM Swedish Development Partners: Women’s rights in Jordan’s legislation   March 2018 Women's right, Jordan law, Human rights  Gender justice and women’s rights issues is one of IM’s main focus areas worldwide, as every day discriminatory cultural, religious and legal practices based on gender stereotypes deny millions of women their human rights. IM has a history of supporting interventions that aim to strengthen people to challenge practices that prevent them from enjoying their human rights.   What is the current legal framework for women in Jordan? IM: Jordan ratified the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) in 1992. However the country maintains reservations on the article 9 (2) (which is supposed to give equal rights to...

Syrian refugees in Jordan, a protection overview – 2017 report

Protection Brief  Syrian refugees in Jordan, a protection overview  January 2018 Download the JIF Protection Brief 2017   Seven years into the Syria crisis, Syrian refugees remain in exile as their country continues to face a protracted conflict and an overwhelming humanitarian crisis. With 13.1 million people requiring humanitarian assistance in Syria and 5.5 million Syrian refugees worldwide[1] (mainly hosted in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt), this remains the world’s largest displacement crisis. As of 31 December 2017, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) recorded 655,624 registered Syrian refugees in Jordan[2], a number that has remained consistent over the past three years, mainly due to the increased entry restrictions into the Kingdom. Close to 80 per cent of registered refugees live outside...

JIF Newsletter 6

News @ Jordan INGO Forum October – December 2017 Download the Newsletter 6 in English Download the Newsletter 6 in Arabic In a nutshell Editorial Humanitarian Overview Azraq Berm Partners’s activities Mental health Winterization Non Syrian refugees Juvenile Justice (special feature in collaboration with Tdh) Host Community Voices from Jordan Youth recreational activity (special feature in collaboration with ICMC) Women protection empowerment Advocacy 16 Days of Activism Universal Children’s Day

Feature Story/ TDH – Grooming the future: barbering workshop empowers juveniles in detention centers

Feature Story TDH - Grooming the future: barbering workshop empowers juveniles in detention centers January 2018 Juvenile Justice, Youth  The weekends are very busy for Samir[1] as his clients line up at the barbershop in Rusaifah’s Rehabilitation Center waiting their turn. “I had never thought of becoming a barber, but now I believe my future lies in mastering this profession,” said the 16-year-old. A year ago, Samir attended a barbering and a grooming vocational training supported by Terre des hommes (Tdh) in one of Jordan’s six training centers (for children in pre-trial detention) and rehabilitation centers (for convicted children). He and hundreds of other children in conflict with the law pass through the formal system of detention centers every month. Over four months, Samir and other...

Feature Story/ ICMC – Through a different lens: Syrian youth with visual impairment gains new perspective

Feature Story ICMC-  Through a different lens:  Syrian youth with visual impairment gains new perspective January 2018 Youth, Person with Disability A Syrian refugee boy is using photography to document the triumphs and challenges of his life in a host community in Jordan. Learning how to take photos has encouraged him to see things in a new way. Hasan*, 15, started taking photos of his life as a refugee in Mafraq six months ago. Mafraq is a frontier city in northern Jordan, close to the Syrian border. In 2012, Hasan and his family came to Mafraq after fleeing their home in Homs, Syria’s third largest city and key battlefield in the civil war that has been ravaging the country since 2011. The boy, who lost...

JIF Newsletter 5

News @ Jordan INGO Forum July – September 2017 Download JIF Newsletter 5 in English Download JIF Newsletter 5 in Arabic In a nutshell Humanitarian & Development Situation Azraq Berm Policy Development New work permits in construction sector Article 308 abolished Jordan Compact Study Partners’ activities Gender, Documentation, and Child Marriage Providing a good start for children through Early Childhood Care and Development On My Own: Protection Challenges faced by Unaccompanied and Separated Children (UASC) Hope Family Centres: Summer education Supporting Torture and War Trauma Survivors Empowering Syrian and Jordanian women Advocacy Berm Press Release (28 September) Walk the Talk Infographic Forgotten Issues Infographic

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